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What Meeting Planners Should Look for in a Speaker

By Lindsey Patterson

Today's companies and organizations rely on a variety of marketing methods to meet the needs of their customer base. One of the popular networking methods that has not gone out of style in this century is the use of public speakers for conventions, trade shows, and other special events. A professional public speaker is someone who can bring a lot of energy to a crowd, especially with the right com

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Maintain Audience Contact...Cut the Ropes From Your Notes

By The Figure Of Speech

YOU may work hard on your speeches. You may have material that is informative and helpful. It may be logical and your delivery may be fluent. But if you are having trouble keeping your audience focused because their minds seem to be wandering, how effective is your presentation? If they seem to be having difficulty focusing on what you say fully, how can you change this?Perhaps it would help

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Get and Keep Your Audience's Attention with Introductions That Arouse Interest

By The Figure Of Speech

Introductions That Arouse InterestYour introduction should rouse interest in your subject. It ought to grab your audiences attention and position them to listen favorably to what you have to say. To execute this properly, you must help your listeners appreciate the value of your material. How can you do this? One of the most effective ways to do this is to involve your audience in th

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How Sex Determines Training and Development Effectiveness

By Julie Doering

Creating relevant training and development programs with the intention of cultivating key players on your team requires innovative awareness and execution of curriculum that support both women and men. Fresh, thoughtful strategic planning is an absolute necessity. The fact is woman learn and grow very differently than their male counterparts. Corporations who are the recognized leaders adapt the

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Overcoming Awkward Situations In Public

By Dianne Sikel

By: Quita Jackson ABC-Channel 15 Phoenix, Arizona Unless you never leave your house you are bound to deal with an embarrassing, awkward moment in public. So how do you handle it? Dianne Sikel , a Phoenix Consultant & Communication coach, says the bottom line is that these moments are simply little mistakes... that we have to give ourselves a break. Sikel says its imp

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How to write sound bites for your presentations, interviews and speeches

By Benny Morris

How to Create Great Sound BitesBy Dr. Benny MorrisIn our hustle bustle society no one has time to listen for long. You cant tell them your full story up front. People want a capsule of information delivered in a few seconds that is hits their sweet spot or hot button. So if you get the chance, an opening to present, pitch, persuade or cajole someone you bett

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The Magic Virtures

By Richard Tenace

I have been a professional magician and speaker for well over 20 years. During that time I have learned what audiences want and I can tell you that most audiences want to be entertained. Sure, audiences want to learn new skills, ideas, and be motivated to become a better person. But in that process they want to be entertained.This is not one of those articles where I try to encourage you to le

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THE BRAND CALLED YOU: Using your Image to Speak with Impact

By Magoe Johnson

Whether you like it or not, your image sets the mood of the audience and speaks volumes about you as a speaker without you saying a word. Having a great topic for your speech and talking points are not the only important factors in wowing your audience. A speaker must project the complete image package that includes dressing, behavior and communication to win your audience every time.Here are

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Canceled Contracts Are Becoming More Prevalent

By Bryan Caplovitz

We've received several reports from the SpeakerMatchcommunity about contracts being canceled by meeting planners. Whether theconference itself gets canceled or the speaker budget gets cut, it's often thespeaker who gets a raw deal. Be sure you have a contract which addresses thispossibility!Make sure that you have a solid, signed contract backing upthe deal before you agree to fi

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Too Memorable to Forget

By Ashley Cope

When I try to remember the last speech,presentation or sermon I attended, very few surface to the top of my memory. I do recall sitting through hundreds of boring hours of PowerPoint presentations given by various people professors, classmates, and business colleagues.And while PowerPoint can be a nifty tool, the lecturers whose lessons stuck with me and whom I admired the most, were those tha

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