Lt. Col. Larry Parker at the 100 Black Men National Convention

by Larry Parker

Lt. Col. Larry Parker, Marine Corps Recruiting Command proof source at the 100 Black Men National Convention and head of Enlisted Plans section of Manpower Plans and Policy Branch, Headquarters Marine Corps, speaks at the International Board of Directors Meeting in Hollywood, Florida on June 12, 2014. The 100 Black Men National Symposium integrated Marines throughout the week to discuss key topics that support African-American youth to succeed in their careers and throughout lifetime goals.

Motivational Speaker

by Uledus Roseman

My commitment to you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to partner with you. I understand the important role I play in helping you fulfill your mission. I committed to motivating you to becoming the best person you can be.


by Errold Moody

Avoiding Investment Sequence of Returns/ Reducing Risk in a Recession Phase 3 and 4 Phase of the Process in Managing Risk in Mutual Fund Portfolios

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