You have a story to tell: Everyone has a story to tell. Perhaps you overcame adversity as a child, bankruptcy as an adult, or beat the odds in building your business when others told you that you would fail. Readers like to be inspired by someone’s personal story. In addition to my own story, readers have been inspired by such memoirs as Joan Lunden’s Had I Known where she talks about surviving breast cancer. Liz Murray talks about her struggles as a homeless teen who ultimately attends Harvard University in her unbelievable memoir Breaking Night. What’s your story?

You have information that could benefit others. Your rags-to-riches story can provide valuable business advice to an entrepreneur. You can show others how to build or promote a business, get customers and overcome obstacles. This information can help other new business owners to start their journey and become a business success. 

You can use it to promote your business. Authors are often asked to be a keynote speaker at various conferences and local Chamber meetings. You can use these opportunities to get the word out about your business and what you do and become an expert in your field. Hand out business cards and network with potential customers. Grow your business and learn about new opportunities. All of this comes from having written a book. 

Keep in mind, however, that these opportunities don’t always just fall into your lap. Just like you built your business and overcame adversity in your life, you also need to work hard at promoting your book. Spreading the word on social media, writing press releases to local and national media outlets and booking speaking engagements all help to let the world know who you are and why someone should read your book.

While you are staring at that blank first page, remember what famous author Stephen King once said, “The scariest moment is always just before you start.”