Who are Bullies?

We are told in our younger years to ignore the bully and they will leave you alone. Well, that did not work then and it does not work now.  Being bullied is humiliating, and fearful.  Especially, when the individual that is being bullied is working hard to do their best every day. 

Asking For Help

Our fearful leaders are supposed to assist us through bullying situations.  We understand that they are fearful of losing their jobs if they stick their necks out for the employee; however, this is their “job”.  Do your job!  Stand up and help those that come to you for help.  Call the individual in that is accused of bullying and go beyond the normal rhetoric of “training”.  Actually, send them to counseling and encourage them to get help.  If more than one person is making the claim, there has to be truth to it.

The Goal of the Bully

The workplace bully does not usually target the weakest person in the group; however, they go after the person that will stand up and speak out against bullying.  The bully wants to humiliate and have power over the individual that dares to stand up.  The strongest person will call the bully out on their misconduct.

Bullies will touch personal belongings of the individual to intimidate and provoke and cause a confrontation and a reaction.  The harassment, intimidation, and isolation is the goal of the bully. As long as other coworkers are not interacting with the individual, the bully is empowered.

Why Do We Stay?

According to Critter State, most employees continue to be subjected to toxic behavior due to financial reasons and fear.  The fear alone causes the employee to feel helpless and hopeless.  These feelings only lead to poor work performance and low morale. 

The employee continues to stay in hopes of the situation changing for the better.  There is a positive outlook of hope and encouragement inside of the employee that the bullying is a temporary situation.  So, the employee stays and continues to keep their head down and work under the humiliating and threatening situation.

What Can Be Done To Stop The Bullying?

The first step should be for the employee to schedule a time to meet with HR to discuss a plan to stop the bullying.  Hopefully, there is a misunderstanding and the situation can be rectified with ease.  However, if after the meeting there is no evidence of moving forward in a positive manner, then the employee must make a decision to stay and be bullied or they can hone in on their skills and seek out resources, network, and job search to improve their quality of life both emotionally and physically. 

The goal of this article is to encourage employees around the world that bullying is an act that is done to us, not an action that we want to encourage.  The employee must realize that they were hired for this position because of their skills and assets to the employer.  Their skills and assets will allow them to be valued at an established business that will work best for their personality, work style, and free of bullying. 

Future Action

B & J Enterprises, LLC will continue to find ways for employees to find peace.  As an employee, entrepreneur, and an employer, it is our duty to put a stop to bullying in the workplace.  Are you committed to the cause when an employee shares their story about bullying?  What will you do to help? 

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We look forward to working with you as you continue to be the best member of society.

Dr. Andrea Blue, Ph.D. is the CEO and Owner of B & J Enterprises, LLC and strives to change lives through educational mentorship and career advancement in higher education.