You need to repeat your success, over and over again.  The people most successful
in business appreciate the fact that repetition is a key factor for business growth. 
You must try and try again to successfully grow your business.  Repetition is a basic
requirement to grow your small business.You need to do it and then do it again.  The 'it' is whatever the success driver is in
your business.  I remember a story from years ago in my college days.  A friend of a
friend was totally focused on her desire to be a concert pianist.  She loved music and
adored playing the piano.  Honing her craft required her to practice, and practice,
and practice. 
She needed repetition to be really good what playing the piano.  Her life pretty much
revolved around 4 hours of piano practice every day.  Let me walk you through what
that means.  Suppose that she become a member of a symphony at age 30. 
Imagine that she practiced since the age of 10, five days week.  That is 20 hours a
week for 10 years.  That is 10,000 hours of practice.  That is a lot of work.  Most
people do not have this dedication of commitment.  Yet, this is what is required for
Find out what works for you and repeat it: 10,000 times!  I want people to be
excited about your business and be enticed and intrigued to buy your products.  You
can do this by being an expert and truly knowing your products, and your market. 
This requires repetition.  Whatever you are doing that is working, you must do over
and over again.  If a particular sales strategy is working, execute it again and again. 
Leverage what is working again and again until it simply does not provide you
success any longer.
If you are not achieving the desired results in your efforts, you must try, over and
over again.  Your first customer will not provide you a retirement-sized windfall of
cash.  Your first attempt to hire somebody will not work out well.  Your first
marketing program will likely not be a huge success.  You must executive, evaluate
and repeat. 
Only through constant, consistent, and persistent repetition can you gain the
expertise truly needed to truly grow your small business. Focus on repetition to grow
your small business.