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Behind The Podium Selected as A Finalist on The Next Top Newsletter!

By Paul Ellul

Thanks to everyone who has written to us over the past 11 months, letting us know they are thoroughly enjoying their subscription to Behind the Podium. Your support encouraged us to enter a newsletter competition and it looks like we've made it into the top 20 out of 160+ entries!The competition is being put on by Linda Claire Puig, an award-winning journalist and professional writer since 1983. Y

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#1 Reason Why Potential Customers are NOT Signing Up for Your Email List?

By Kevin Conway

You may remember Mr. TooManyHats, a busy man who suffers subscriber fatigue. His wife, Mrs. TooManyHats, has the same problem. She has so many emails, she doesnt know what to do. About 20 times a day they get an email offering some free webinar or report if they just Register. Ah, no problem its free, right? But, when he gets this, he changes his mind American Marketing Associati

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Peolpe Get an Annual Physical, Why Not Mental and Emotional Check-Ups?

By Benny Morris

Self-Help Equals Self-Analysis? Why? We have been talking about the egoic mind or the false self and the stories we allow it to create about us. I want you to take this weekend and really think about your (soon to be) old story that has limited you, blocked you and robbed you of a future you deserve. Write about it in your journal. Write about the person in the story of which you identify yo

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Six Ways To Make People Like You

By Ty Bennett

When it comes to books about networking, building relationships or dealing with people, the undisputed classic is How To Win Friends and Influence People. Dale Carnegie wrote the book in 1936 and it has been read by millions of people since.One of the great realizations in the book is that although some people are more extroverted or affable, dealing with people is a learned skill that anyone

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Developing Charisma

By Ty Bennett

I met Kenton Worthington seven years ago. He's one of the most successful young entrepreneurs I know. I remember coming home the day we were introduced and telling my wife I'd just met one of the most charismatic people I'd ever known. She said what does that mean? And I sat there trying to figure out what charismatic meant. Why would I describe him as charismatic?My first response was it's his

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To Catch More Clients, Learn to Fish

By Peter George

If you had to survive solely on the fish you catch, you would do everything possible to give yourself the best opportunity to not only catch fish, but also catch those that taste good and provide bountiful portions. You would check reports about what kinds of fish are biting and where they are biting. You would make sure you had the appropriate bait and lures for both the fish and the conditions.

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Are Your Bagels Hot?!

By Jeff Tobe

Are Your Bagels Hot?(modified from an excerpt from Jeffs book, Coloring Outside The Lines: Business Thoughts on Creativity, Marketing and Sales)The other morning I was sitting in my local bagel shop enjoying my coffee, bagel and newspaper. I am not sure what prompted me to look up, but the first thing that struck me was that this establishment obviously did a booming morning busines

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Learn, Lurk and Link Strategy Maximizes the Power of Social Media in Generating Speaking Leads

By Vickie Sullivan

A recent survey cited that 35 percent of associations have custom-built social network systems, and when you own the structure of social interactions, you own the community. And that's a target-rich environment for experts looking for speaking leads within a particular industry.How to start from a position of power? My best clients use the learn, lurk, and link strategy. Here's how it works:Learn:

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Breathe New Life Into Your Marketing Plan with 3 Easy-to-Implement Steps

By Tony Rubleski

Sinceat one time I considered becoming  a history teacher when I startedcollege, it  probably comes as nosurprise that I enjoy learning and researching lessons from the past to helpsolve challenges today. And Im often drawn to the work of the sales andmarketing masters.After a recent conversation with a client in which I heard comments about myfirst Mind Cap

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Getting Prospects to Know You

By George J Sierchio

Why does it take so long to close a sale with a new customer? The primary answer is usually because they dont know you or your company. However, there are two key components in turning this recurring challenge around so that clients come to you as if they already have an established relationship with you. Targeting a Specific Group through Various Forms of MediaThe first component is to consist

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