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The Bottom Line Effect of Caring for Your Customers

By David Horsager

Top sales people dont just get to where they are because they make a lot of calls, or because they know the best closing techniques. In most cases, their clients have come to see them less as commission earners and more as trusted partners. In those relationships, when the customer recognizes theyre truly cared for, they show their satisfaction by buying again and againand

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I Don't Want to Pump the Gas

By Laura Lavigne

"I don't wanna pump the gas."Such simple words, spoken clearly by my daughter as I step behind the wheel of the car to drive her to yet another place.She does not want to pump the gas. She does not want to get out of the car and pump the gas I am paying for, which I will use to take her somewhere she wants to go.I am instantly triggered. Words like ungrateful, rude and worse (a few of

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Good Organization = Great Customer Service

By Stacey Anderson

Has a customer ordered something but you can't seem to find the paperwork? Did you forget to call your client back because you became too busy with meetings and email?Organization in your office can be the key to great customer service in your business. If you seem un-organized this leads people to believe your service or product may not be that great. Having the systems in place that track re

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Change the Rules

By Jeff Tobe

CAN'T PLAY THE GAME ANYMORE? JUST CHANGE THE RULES!Recently, I sat down to play a Chutes-and-Ladders-type game with my 7 little niece. It was fun to see her little mind at work, but she had one annoying peculiarity: she was continually bending the rules, reshaping roles, changing the boundaries, reversing strategies. Everything I took for granted, she challenged. Cheating? I don't t

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Adding More Value to Your Customers Experience Can Mean the Difference Between Profits and Padlocking The Front Door to Your Speaking Business for Go

By Tony Rubleski

Ienjoy digging below the surface to discover why some businesses continue to dofairly well in relation to their competition, even in today's challengingeconomy. For example, how in the world can companies such as  Starbucks, Lexus, Rolex and even Disneycontinue to stay around and charge premium prices in tough economic times? Thesefour well-known firms aren't the

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