Release Your Mystical Powers to Get Rich in "Un-Rich" Times

By Dan S. Kennedy

Creatinga million dollar business model is really all about the basics. Doing the rightthing coupled with In the Renegade Millionaire System, I dispense this advice:#1: BE the Wizard.#2: BEWARE the Wizard.Wizards are very powerful, so its better to be one than to be influenced byone.Everybody welcomes the convincing Mystic. People so desperately wish to believethat

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Time Management Boot Camp: Using the Four Ds to Take Control

By David Sanders

Canyou spare a moment to read an article on time management? Maybe you donthave time, but for those hearty souls wholl grab Father Time by the arm andslow him down, this could be the moment youve been waiting for.  Afterall, isnt life the management of one moment after another? Weve allexperienced days when time seemed to drag on forever, or when time flew and wewonde

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Adding More Value to Your Customers Experience Can Mean the Difference Between Profits and Padlocking The Front Door to Your Speaking Business for Go

By Tony Rubleski

Ienjoy digging below the surface to discover why some businesses continue to dofairly well in relation to their competition, even in today's challengingeconomy. For example, how in the world can companies such as  Starbucks, Lexus, Rolex and even Disneycontinue to stay around and charge premium prices in tough economic times? Thesefour well-known firms aren't the cheape

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Breathe New Life Into Your Marketing Plan with 3 Easy-to-Implement Steps

By Tony Rubleski

Sinceat one time I considered becoming  a history teacher when I startedcollege, it  probably comes as nosurprise that I enjoy learning and researching lessons from the past to helpsolve challenges today. And Im often drawn to the work of the sales andmarketing masters.After a recent conversation with a client in which I heard comments about myfirst Mind Capture

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Getting Prospects to Know You

By George J Sierchio

Why does it take so long to close a sale with a new customer? The primary answer is usually because they dont know you or your company. However, there are two key components in turning this recurring challenge around so that clients come to you as if they already have an established relationship with you. Targeting a Specific Group through Various Forms of MediaThe first component is to consisten

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Conquer Telephone Tag

By Donald E. Wetmore

With almost all new technological breakthroughs there is a period when the new device is heralded as the answer to all our problems, followed quickly by a learning period during which we figure out how to best capitalize on the new approach to working. Voice-mail fits this paradigm and is the culprit that heightens telephone tag to an art form.Voice-mail also creates a new opportunity for people

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Too Memorable to Forget

By Ashley Cope

When I try to remember the last speech,presentation or sermon I attended, very few surface to the top of my memory. I do recall sitting through hundreds of boring hours of PowerPoint presentations given by various people professors, classmates, and business colleagues.And while PowerPoint can be a nifty tool, the lecturers whose lessons stuck with me and whom I admired the most, were those that

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Following Susan Boyle

By Comedian Jan McInnis

So like the rest of the planet, I am ahuge, huge fan of Susan Boyle the unassuming woman who took to the stage on Britains Got Talent the other week and literally blew away the judges, the audience, and now the Internet community. In fact, the only person who was probably not thrilled with her performance had to be the guy or gal who followed her. While she was knocking em dead onstage, I'm gu

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A Four-Point Guideline for Delivering Winning Presentations By Understanding Your Audience

By Johnny Campbell

Every speaker wants to deliver an effective presentation. Successful presentations ensure sales, referrals and repeat bookings, which are the driving force of the speaking business. And at the core of every effective presentation is an understanding of the audience. By researching your audience before making a presentation you will better position yourself for future engagements. While researching

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Make Room For Your Life - You Deserve It!

By Janet Christensen

For many people, setting goals means adding things to busy lives. If a cup is already full to the brim, there is no room to add more water. If you want to freshen up the water, some needs to be emptied out first. So it is with your life. Consider emptying out some of the stale things from your life before making your plans and goals. Doing this involves self-reflection and can often mean making so

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