I Don't Want to Pump the Gas

By Laura Lavigne

"I don't wanna pump the gas."Such simple words, spoken clearly by my daughter as I step behind the wheel of the car to drive her to yet another place.She does not want to pump the gas. She does not want to get out of the car and pump the gas I am paying for, which I will use to take her somewhere she wants to go.I am instantly triggered. Words like ungrateful, rude and worse (a few of

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What Might Be Drawn Out, Not What More Can We Stuff In

By Dan S. Kennedy

Thereis an old joke about the Farm Bureau agent trying to convince the grizzledfarmer to attend the upcoming educational conference being put on by theBureau. The resistant farmer says: Aw, no need. I aint usin half of what Ialready know.That,of course, is not the point.Theacademic clich is: knowledge is power. This is a fal

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Good Organization = Great Customer Service

By Stacey Anderson

Has a customer ordered something but you can't seem to find the paperwork? Did you forget to call your client back because you became too busy with meetings and email?Organization in your office can be the key to great customer service in your business. If you seem un-organized this leads people to believe your service or product may not be that great. Having the systems in place that track re

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Change the Rules

By Jeff Tobe

CAN'T PLAY THE GAME ANYMORE? JUST CHANGE THE RULES!Recently, I sat down to play a Chutes-and-Ladders-type game with my 7 little niece. It was fun to see her little mind at work, but she had one annoying peculiarity: she was continually bending the rules, reshaping roles, changing the boundaries, reversing strategies. Everything I took for granted, she challenged. Cheating? I don't t

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To Catch More Clients, Learn to Fish

By Peter George

If you had to survive solely on the fish you catch, you would do everything possible to give yourself the best opportunity to not only catch fish, but also catch those that taste good and provide bountiful portions. You would check reports about what kinds of fish are biting and where they are biting. You would make sure you had the appropriate bait and lures for both the fish and the conditions.

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Are Your Bagels Hot?!

By Jeff Tobe

Are Your Bagels Hot?(modified from an excerpt from Jeffs book, Coloring Outside The Lines: Business Thoughts on Creativity, Marketing and Sales)The other morning I was sitting in my local bagel shop enjoying my coffee, bagel and newspaper. I am not sure what prompted me to look up, but the first thing that struck me was that this establishment obviously did a booming morning busines

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THE BRAND CALLED YOU: Using your Image to Speak with Impact

By Magoe Johnson

Whether you like it or not, your image sets the mood of the audience and speaks volumes about you as a speaker without you saying a word. Having a great topic for your speech and talking points are not the only important factors in wowing your audience. A speaker must project the complete image package that includes dressing, behavior and communication to win your audience every time.Here are

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Using Promotional Products to Boost Your Business

By Julie Austin

Promotional products are things like water bottles, pens, mugs,T-shirts and basically anything else that you can put a logo on. Look around your home or office and you will probably see many different promotional products from corporations. This is one reason why promotional products are better than advertising... people actually keep them. These are the kinds of products you need anyway.A tra

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ALL OF US ARE SMARTER THAN ANY OF US... and together everyone achieves more!

By Tom Zimmermann

Of course, that's why we join associations, have committees, form boards, and create a variety of work groups. A team makes possible, what would be impossible, if we acted all alone.Team building is an endless task and, done well, it only makes our jobs and our organization better, easier, and more effective. Done poorly...well, we have all had lots or learning experiences with that.When c

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"Qualified Performing Artists" Tax Deduction

By Bryan Caplovitz

Here's some information that may help you to save a lot during tax time. Note: I'm not a tax professional, so be sure to consult with one before filing your taxes.Most people can deduct job-related expenses from their taxes, but only those which exceed 2% of their earned income. So if you earn $50,000 for the year, only those expenses which exceed $1,000 (2% of $50,000) can be deducted.BUT, as a s

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