It's All About The Way You Communicate

By Janice Fortman

Have you had a conversation with someone personally or professionally and they misunderstood what you meant? Your verbal communication and your non-verbal communication may not match. The belief is that 55% of communication is body language, 38% is the tone of voice, and 7% is the actual words spoken. People watch your face when you are speaking and take cues about how they sho

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Declan Kisses

By Patti Vasquez

Someone asked me once “What is it like raising a special needs child like Declan?”No one had ever asked me such a direct question about my little boy who was born with a tiny piece of his brain missing. He cannot speak, is physically challenged, intellectually delayed and he will never live independently.Without hesitation, as though I had been waiting for someone to ask me a q

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How Career Change After 40 Brought Me To Costa Rica

By Caroline Ceniza-Levine

How my husband and I picked Costa Rica for our post-corporate life is a question we get a lot.There are very practical reasons that I have already explained in past blog posts, including why Costa Rica is a good real estate investment, why Costa Rica is good for our gig-based new retirement, and why we love coming to Costa Rica.Costa Rica also builds on key elements we had a

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By Theresa Gale

Imagine keeping your sales forceeach and every individualmotivated and performing at peak performance. Sound too good to be true?According to Theresa Gale and Mary Anne Wampler, authors of WAKE UP AND SELL, and founders of Transform, Inc., a specialized training and consulting firm based in Laurel, Maryland, this fantasy can become realityright now. They firmly believe that understa

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4 Money-Saving Travel Tips You Should Know

By Justin Sperling

Tip 1: How To Save On Baggage FeesWith the cost of travel ever-increasing, it's a good idea to take a carry-on and pack light. But packing light enough to fit everything in a carry-on is no easy task; and when checking baggage staying under that 50 pound limit can sometimes seem impossible.Here are nine easy ways to help keep your luggage as light as possible:(1) Call ahead. Check to s

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Pitting Herself Against Adversity

By Lauren D Pitts

Life is going to happen to each of us, however, it has been said, "it isn't what happens to us in life that dictates our success or failure, it is our response to it". This article discusses my decisions to pit myself against adversity and use it as a stepping stone rather than give up on myself, hopes, goals, dreams and aspirations. It is my life's journey in pursuit of greatnes

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Judy's Radio Program

By Judy Secor

Judy's weekly radio program is named, "Listening Well" and airs Saturday nights with a California regional population coverage of 7,339,024 people, not counting those who listen online worldwide with iTunes, SiriusXM, etc. Or tune in to 1210 AM, KPRZ (KPraise) or try to see the Saturday evening show lineup. To hear segments, try Judy's YouTube channel: https://www.yo

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Starbucks The Aftermath, 3 Lessons For Black Men

By Bryant Smith

In Part two of my three part series discussing the aftermath of the Starbucks incident I want to focus on lessons for Black men. It is clear to anyone who is familiar with this incident that the victims were not singled out because of their socio-economic status, they were not singled out because of their actions, they were not singled out due to their religious beliefs or their sexual orientation

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Starbucks The Aftermath, 3 Lessons For managers

By Bryant Smith

As a Black man who was born and raised in one of the most racially segregated cities in America, Chicago and now residing in the birthplace of the confederacy and the father of two adult Black sons, I watched the Starbucks drama through an all too familiar lens of concern, anger and gratitude that the two men were still alive. In full disclosure I have been arrested and jailed overnight for a crim

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Your Customers Can't Read Your Mind

By Erin Marcus

This is going to come as a huge shock to way too many people: Your customers cannot read your mind!They are not there when you train your team. They do not have access to your systems. They are not at your Monday morning meetings. They do not know how you do what you do. In the past few weeks I have experienced a variety of frustrations in trying to just be a customer. From minor incon

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