Tip 1: How To Save On Baggage Fees With the cost of travel ever-increasing, it's a good idea to take a carry-on and pack light. But packing light enough to fit everything in a carry-on is no easy task; and when checking baggage staying under that 50 pound limit can sometimes seem impossible. Here are nine easy ways to help keep your luggage as light as possible: (1) Call ahead. Check to see what accommodations are available where you are staying. Things like beach towels, robes, hairdryers, etc. may be available to you for free. There may also be a washer and dryer available or not too far from where you are staying, which means you can definitely pack fewer clothes. (2) Don't bring clothes "just in case". Pack clothes that correspond to the weather and events you plan on attending at your destination. (3) Pack smart. Pack clothes that can serve multiple purposes. If you're traveling somewhere cold, pack less-bulky clothes and wear layers. For trips less than one week pack the following: 1 shirt per day 1 underwear per day 1 pair of socks per day 1 layering jacket 1 bottom for every two days (at least 2 pairs) no more than 2 pairs of shoes (wear one pair) bathing suit, work out clothes, belt that matches shoes (4) Plan to do laundry. For trips over a week long, follow the same guidelines as above, but plan on washing clothes. A good guide is bring five to seven days worth of clothes, and wash them before you run out. (5) Match it. When packing clothes, pack around a central color so everything can be mixed and matched. This will reduce the number of pants, shoes, layering jackets, shirts and accessories you need to bring. (6) Manage your toiletries. Buy miniature versions of your favorite toiletries OR purchase some reusable 3oz plastic bottles to pour from the larger bottles. If shampoo, conditioner, and soap are provided for free, there is no need to take these products if you don't have the room. (7) Be organized. Make a list, check it over, only pack what's on that list, and pile everything you plan on bringing outside of the suitcase first. This way you can make sure you're not over-packing a particular article of clothing and also make sure you're not forgetting anything. (8) Travel in heaviest clothes. That way you don't have to worry about packing them. This includes your heaviest pair of shoes and layering jacket. (9) Take advantage of your personal carry-on. There are no weight limits on your personal carry-on; it just has to fit the dimension requirements of the airline. If you are limited on space and can fit your second pair of shoes or other articles of heavier clothing in your personal carry-on, do so. Tip 2: Is Travel Insurance Really Worth It? ABSOLUTELY. Today, many airline tickets are nonrefundable and NON-CHANGEABLE. If you need to cancel your flight or change the date, travel insurance can really save you the hassle of dealing with a flight you no longer need to take. Tip 3: How To Cruise For Free As A Cruise Enrichment Presenter Being an approved cruise enrichment presenter is the greatest gig on the seven seas. The deal is simple: Furnish the cruise lines three or four 1-hour talks on subjects you love and receive a free cruise for you and a companion. The best part is the presentations are usually scheduled on sea days, so you'll have every port day totally free to explore. Additionally, you'll cruise as a passenger (not a crew member) so you'll get every other passenger perk, too. For tips on how to make yourself a competitive applicant as a cruise enrichment presenter, check out the article written by Daniel Hall. Tip 4: When To Book Hotel Rooms When it comes to traveling, a large cost comes from hotel accommodations. I found a very useful article in USA Today by David Thyberg (Demand Media) and wanted to share it with you: The Best Time To Book Hotel Rooms.